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About the designer

Krishma Sabbarwal, a multifaceted designer, maker, and creative professional, brings diverse experience. With a keen passion for innovation, upcycling, and attention to detail, Krishma has cultivated her academic and practical expertise through various roles and projects.

Their journey in the creative realm spans over five years and encompasses various sectors, including non-profit organisations, design industries, heritage preservation, and interior design. Krishma's expertise extends into specific niches such as fashion design, buying, luxury fashion, and writing. Each experience has honed their craft and enriched their skill set, offering a unique perspective and personal development.

During her Master's studies, Krishma explored the scalability of her slow fashion brand using found textiles, scrap fabric, and waste yarns. Throughout her career, she observed the amount of waste generated across different industries. She wanted to utilise existing textiles to showcase the potential of these materials and honour the resources and time invested in making them. Krishma hosted creative workshops to demonstrate her sampling process and share her skills within the community.

"I love crafting and being creative, but equally important to me is drawing inspiration from personal experiences and bringing attention to important topics. Storytelling is crucial to my design and slow fashion brand owner process. I don't want to be just another label producing just for the sake of it."

- Krishma Sabbarwal.

Krishma Sabbarwal's slow fashion brand seamlessly incorporates satirical and political design elements while paying homage to nostalgia. Krishma fuses internet memes and reinvented slogans with graphic design, incorporating her sense of humour and love for puns and wordplay. Despite tackling challenging subjects such as racism and colonialism, they believe infusing a satirical touch makes these discussions more approachable and less daunting. Through this unique approach, Krishma aims to create a platform where important issues can be explored in a playful yet thought-provoking manner, fostering awareness and encouraging engagement.

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  • putting the desi back into design

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