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Space Invaders, Spice Raiders

Space Invaders, Spice Raiders is a satirical commentary on the historical damage and the ongoing impacts the British empire has inflicted and continues to inflict on the world during colonialism. Countless cultures were destroyed, violated and penalised, during the British BRUTish empire; the people, land, and wealth that was lost and we urgently need more awareness on this subject.

Space Invaders, Spice Raiders is a wordplay phrase based on the idea that colonisers came for 'spices' and stayed for the land the "space', the iconic school playground snack Space Raider crisps and Space Invaders arcade game. It's a playful, but powerful statement to remind people of the destruction colonialism had and still has on former British colonies.

positive fashion by emerging designer krishma sabbarwal aims to educate people on social and political injustice. By bringing awareness to these topics krishma sabbarwal wants to create change in the fashion industry and society.

Photographed on 2007 expired film, a fun and experimental project during lockdown in 2021.