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Krishma Sabbarwal's fashion brand is committed to promoting sustainability by utilising waste textile materials and repurposing found garments that would have otherwise been discarded in a landfill. Despite the challenges, this approach proves rewarding as it allows Krishma to explore innovative textile techniques and produce captivating, colourful, playful designs.

Krishma Sabbarwal's fashion collections, which often carry political messages, have gained international recognition through her participation in various platforms and competitions. Her Indian heritage, personal experiences, and sense of humour inspire her designs. Krishma uses her creative voice and passion for leading the way in the underrepresented fashion industry alongside other emerging designers, making a real impact.

Krishma Sabbarwal holds a First-Class BA Hons from the University of East London and earned a Distinction in MA Fashion Design (Sustainable and Ethical) from Northumbria University.

The story

During her career, Krishma Sabbarwal has been involved in numerous platforms and opportunities that have influenced her design process and gained international recognition through competitions such as Mittelmoda Fashion Awards, Mikeysline x Fashion Week Online, and FAD x Fashion Scout.

"Being selected for these fashion programs and opportunities is so rewarding. I gain a lot of personal development, meet other designers, broaden my knowledge and network, and it keeps me creative and innovative. My two favourite experiences so far have been being selected as a Finalist for Scouting for India x Vogue Italia and being a designer in conversation at the V&A for Gal-Dem Magazine. It's so special to be selected and acknowledged as a creative of colour through these opportunities." - Krishma Sabbarwal.

Krishma Sabbarwal isn't just another fashion label—it manifests Krishma's vision and passion for slow fashion, upcycling, and craftsmanship. With a solid commitment to sustainability, the brand embodies playfulness, political consciousness, and storytelling.

Each garment is designed with careful consideration for its environmental impact. From the beginning, sustainability, upcycling, and the art of remaking with found materials have been integral to the brand's ethos. Following positive feedback from peers and the international press after being selected for Mercedes Benz Moscow Fashion Week's Global Talents program, Krishma launched her brand.

Through the creative repurposing of textile waste, Krishma shares her expertise and the potential of textile scrap materials. Her designs blend Indian and British influences, producing garments with integrity and purpose.

As a one-woman operation, Krishma embodies the essence of slow fashion, focusing on creating with purpose while consciously avoiding the pressures of the fashion industry.


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